Lead Engineer at Fathom London

Hey there, I’m Pete.

I was born in sunny Portugal and studied at the University of Aveiro, where I got my Licentiate’s degree in Information and Communication Technologies.

My career started in January 2009 before graduating when I got an internship as a Front-end Developer at SAPO Labs, the research division of SAPO (Portugal Telecom). I helped build SAPO Campus, which provided a set of social platforms like Photos, Videos and Blogs specifically tailored for universities. I relocated to Lisbon to join SAPO full-time and in the couple of years that followed I worked on both their Blogs and News platforms, which were in the top 10 most visited portuguese websites.

I moved to London at the end October 2011 and became Pachube’s first Front-end Developer, right after the company got acquired by LogMeIn Inc. I led the front-end development in the rebrand as Cosm in 2012. A year later, the company decided to rebrand once again as Xively by LogMeIn but this time I was put in charge of the Design & Front-end team as Creative Director and Lead Front-end Developer. After a successful redesign, the product got important customers and partnerships, won industry awards and got featured in well-regarded international publications.

Read the Xively Case Study

In September 2013, I joined Umbrellium to build innovative digital products, with a team that included former Pachube colleagues. One of the products we created was Thingful, the world’s first Internet of Things search engine. I designed the identity, user experience and interface, and developed the front-end of the application for which we have a US Patent Pending. It got featured in HBR, Wired, New Scientist, GigaOM, among others. At the same time, I developed the mobile application and server-side logic that powered the Mini-Burble in Paris, an interactive light installation commissioned by Samsung.

Read the Thingful Case Study

In mid 2015, I decide to start a consultancy service to collaborate with more companies than before. From making sure tight deadlines are met, to cooperating with teams on more complex deep-dives, I’ve helped well-known clients such as Barclays and Seymourpowell ship world-class digital products and experiences.

One of the contracts was with Fathom, and it turned out to be my last. I initially joined as a consultant to help build complex data-heavy web apps for their clients, who range from tech start-ups to Tier 1 investment banks. Initially, my focus was on custom data visualisations, and these were usually the centre-piece of the design and a crucial function of the apps. Along the way I was given more and more responsibility and eventually joined the team as Lead Engineer. I’m constantly in awe by how talented the folks are at Fathom and how, despite growth, it all feels like one big family.

I love digital products and the process of making them.

This passion has driven me to learn and work in different disciplines like branding, UX and UI design, and front-end development. Having an understanding of all that goes into crafting a product allows me to have a holistic approach to solving a problem. It also makes it easy to communicate with the various specialised teams.

Still here? Here are a few facts as a bonus for reading this far:

  • Married my first love Rita, we have a beautiful daughter named June and a lovely cat named Ozzy
  • Toured Europe twice in 2010, playing guitar for a hardcore/metal band called Hills Have Eyes
  • Me and my wife ran a market stall called The Mighty Fork selling vegan hotdogs
  • Skateboarded as a kid and still own a couple of boards
  • Played basketball for 8 years